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Warehouse Manager is a business application designed to allow you to manage several aspects of your warehouse based enterprise from your computer.

This is the official Warehouse Manager web site. Its purpose is to allow you to download releases of Warehouse Manager and contribute your feedback in order to improve the software product. The Warehouse Manager team thanks all its users for their participation.

Warehouse Manager was originally designed and written by Neil Zanella.

Development Source Code Released 2004-11-30 

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A recent version of the refactored Warehouse Manager code base has been released. Please proceed to Warehouse Manager Downloads to get your copy of the source code. Comments and suggestions welcome!

Warehouse Manager Source Code Refactored 2004-10-24 

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The Warehouse Manager team would like to announce a recent decision to make use of a custom XML file format to encode much of the behavior found in the current Warehouse Manager implementation. We can now observe a significant reduction in compilation time down from several minutes down to just a few seconds!

Warehouse Manager Source Code Changes 2004-10-12 

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Future versions of the Warehouse Manager source code will no longer be based on the Qt C++ application framework and will make use of the GTK+, Glade, GNOME-DB combination of C toolkits instead. This change is expected to bring forward the following benefits in reduced compile time:

  • Elimination of the need to generate and compile separate MOC files.
  • Elimination of the need to compile user interface elements as was mandatory under Qt when using XML UI files.
  • Increased compile time due to a more flexible source code organization than was permitted under Qt.
  • Reduced compilation time due to the fact that modern C compilers tend to be implemented much more efficiently than their C++ counterparts.

Other benefits brought forward by this change include more accessible cross-platform builds and increased opportunity for contribution.

Warehouse Manager Survey 2004-09-22 

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The Warehouse Manager team would like to invite you to take the Warehouse Manager Survey. Your feedback is very important to us. Thank you for your time!

New RPM Packages Now Available 2004-08-27 

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Warehouse Manager is now also available in the form of Fedora Core 2 Linux RPM packages. This should simplify the installation process on Linux systems. Please proceed to Warehouse Manager Downloads and get your version now!

New Software Localization Web Interface 2004-08-24 

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The Warehouse Manager project would like to announce that the Warehouse Manager localization process is now facilitated by the availability of a new web interface. Please proceed to Warehouse Manager Translations to contribute your translation!

More Translations Expected! 2004-08-20 

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Warehouse Manager is in the process of being localized to more languages including Danish, German, Spanish, Swedish, and others. And the more the better! Many thanks to our new translators!

Upcoming French Translation! 2004-08-10 

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The project would like to announce that Warehouse Manager will soon be localized to the French language. Stay tuned for an upcoming release with builtin support for French!

The Warehouse Manager Team Thanks its Users! 2004-08-06 

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The software development team would like to thank all those people who have contributed their ideas and given feedback on the software product. we hope you will enjoy all the new features.

Warehouse Manager Logo Contest! 2004-08-05 

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The Warehouse Manager project needs a new logo! Hence we decided to open up a logo contest. This is your chance to show off your artistic skills. All logos will be posted on the Logo Contest page. The winner will be announced by January 2005.

Warehouse Manager Version 1.0.0 Released! 2004-08-01 

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The long awaited open source release of Warehouse Manager is now available for download!

Warehouse Manager Users Mailing List Created 2004-07-22 

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A general purpose mailing list has been set up for users of Warehouse Manager. Subscribers will be notified of upcoming releases. Several thanks for your interest in Warehouse Manager!

Warehouse Manager Project Moves to Sourceforge 2004-07-22 

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The team would like to thank Sourceforge for hosting our project. As a result of this move, the source code is now subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public License.

Warehouse Manager Release Planned 2003-05-14 

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Plans to release an open source version of Warehouse Manager by early August 2004 are underway. Stay tuned for updates!

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