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Here is your chance to show off your artistic skill. The Warehouse Manager project is holding a logo contest! Please email your logos to nzanella@users.sourceforge.net. Your logos will be posted along with your name and contact information as soon as they are received. Winners will be announced in January of 2005.


The two logos convey similar ideas. In the upper logo, the box with lid removed represents the warehouse manager software receiving (illustrated by the pointing arrow) inventory data, receipts, shipment data (represented by the graphics of such items). In the lower logo the same representation is given, except the single sheet with the dollar symbol on it represents the personal data to be managed by the warehouse manager.

[ Receiving Data ]
Title: Warehouse Manager Receiving Data
Author: Tonya Snow-Cook <tscook0809@knology.net>
Date Received: 2004-11-12

[ Managing Data ]
Title: Warehouse Manager Managing Data
Author: Tonya Snow-Cook <tscook0809@knology.net>
Date Received: 2004-11-12

We have received our first submission! This very cute logo displays Walter The Walrus as it is common to use animals within logos in open source projects. Here we can see the Walrus handling a package box with particular dexterity... this very well-thought image is truly creative and original!!!

[ Walter The Walrus ]
Title: Walter The Walrus
Author: João Dias <jadesign@users.sourceforge.net>
Date Received: 2004-10-03

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