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The Warehouse Manager project is currently looking for volunteers to translate the software product application text and user manual into various languages. While not mandatory, translators may elect to be mentioned on this page and in future releases of the source code. If you are fluent in any language other than English and would like to contribute then you may do so by following the five steps described on the Warehouse Manager Translations page:

Proceed to Warehouse Manager Translations (Application Text)

Please report any problems experienced while using the Warehouse Manager Translations web interface by sending email directly to nzanella@users.sourceforge.net.

Thank you for your feedback!

The following translations have been contributed to the Warehouse Manager project:

Application Text Contributors Contributor E-mails
Bulgarian, BULGARIA Anton Sarov <anton_rs@abv.bg>
Chinese, CHINA Smart Lu <smartlu@eyou.com>
Croatian (anonymous) (undisclosed)
Czech Petr Novak <che0@users.sourceforge.net>
Danish Martin A. Bøgelund (undisclosed)
Finnish Jussi Nummelin (undisclosed)
French Florence Denison (undisclosed)
German Manuel Reither <herbertsunnnn@gmx.de>
Indonesian Edwin Napitupulu <ejn@i2.co.id>
Indonesian Mikael Fern <mikaelf@gmail.com>
Italian Béatrice Sylvie Lajoie <lajoie2000@hotmail.com>
Italian Tito Ragusa (undisclosed)
Polish, POLAND Filip Grochowski (undisclosed)
Portuguese, PORTUGAL Bruno Nunes <bnknokouter@msn.com>
Portuguese, BRAZIL Cinthia Xavier Costa <cinthilanthe@users.sourceforge.net>
Portuguese, BRAZIL Giuliano Camarini de Oliveira <gcoliveira@rocketmail.com>
Portuguese, PORTUGAL Joao Dias <jadesign@users.sourceforge.net>
Russian, RUSSIAN FEDERATION Vlfdimir <kip-rs2@list.ru>
Spanish, ARGENTINA Christian G. Weckmann <ccgerman@arnet.com.ar>
Spanish, SPAIN Mikel Gutiérrez (undisclosed)
Swedish Michael Alvmarken <miknor@users.sourceforge.net>
Turkish, TURKEY Alper Kokmen (undisclosed)

Many thanks to our Warehouse Manager translation team for their excellent contributions!!!

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